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    Post by Kaseki on Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:18 am

    Each kingdom, has their own limits to what races they house. However, while your race may dictate your origin options, it does not mean you are bound to that land. Just because a Dragon comes from De Fiore, does not mean they cannot reside in Ninja Town, or Toonville. They simply originated from De Fiore.

    Each race is classified in their categories. Your race does not dictate your limits on magic or skills, but your origin may. (Such as being bound to Kingdom of Kai will bind you to magic, while Ninja Town binds you to jutsus.) Only Hunting-Type magic effects races. This magic is rare, and very limited. It does not effect the user's own skills, but the user themselves. A Dragon Slayer's spells will effect a Dragon's Magic normally, but will deal twice as much damage as it work normally, to a dragon.

    Any race category that is resistant to another Hunting-Type magic, will take half of the normal damage. This is as the magic is improper to effect those of the incorrect race, more commonly the opposite race intended.

    (Elements do not factor in Hunting Magic towards a target, unless they hold an elemental value, such as elementals.)

    Neutral Races:
    (Not effected by any hunting magic)
    - Human
    - Animals (Reptiles Excluded)
    - Monster [LIMITED TO KANTO]
    - Spirit
    - Sirens
    - Elves (Nymphs )
    - Soulbound (Fallen Spirits, Lost Spirits. ) [LIMITED TO PANDORA]
    - Soul Eaters (Soulbound) [LIMITED TO PANDORA]
    - Spirit-Born [LIMITED TO PANDORA]

    "Evil" Races:
    (Effected by demon slayer, Resistant to God Slayer)
    - Undead (Skeletons, Vampires, Ghosts, Zombies, Lich,)
    - Demon (Demon, Devil, Shinigami, Reaper)
    - Evil Spirits (Wraiths, Possessive Familiars)

    "Good" Races:
    (Effected by god slayer, resistant to Demon Slayer)
    - God (God, Angel)
    - Guardians (Protective Spirits)

    "Dragon" Races:
    (Effected by dragon slayer)
    - Dragon (Dragons, Wyverns, Wyrms) [LIMITED TO DE FIORE & KAI]
    - Draconians (Reptilians, Argonians, Uldorians)
    - Lizard (Salamanders, Iguanas . . . )
    - Scaled Animals

    "Titan" Races:
    (Effected by titan slayer)
    - Golems (Elementals, Golems)
    - Giants [LIMITED TO DE FIORE & KAI]
    - Tailed Beasts [LIMITED TO NINJA TOWN]
    - Titans [LIMITED TO DE FIORE & KAI]
    - Anything Larger than 5m Tall, excluding Dragons

    Notes: Toons can be of any race. It is possible to be a "Toon Dragon", however in this case they are no longer treated as a toon in regards to Hunting-Magic but rather a Dragon.


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    Post by Mei on Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:27 am

    Bumpio (much good)


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