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Unknown Lands

Welcome to the world of Unknown Lands Roleplay Forum!

If you have questions you can create an account and post on our questions section or join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/jupj2Zh) If you have any questions on lore and our systems, please don't hesitate to ask us.

The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

We can't wait to meet you!

Unknown Lands

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    Post by Valkyrie Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:11 pm

    Name: Kataleya Mirrikh d'Etth
    Nickname: Silver Fox | Valkyrie | Kat
    Gender: Female
    Race: Soulbound
    Age: Assumed 22 yo.
    Birthday: June 06
    Sexuality: Straight
    Unique Characteristics:
    1.Half Mask: Unless a dire circumstance forces her to, Kataleya never takes off her half mask. She will, though, interchange it with several that she owns depending on her preference for the day. This is due to the fact that shrouding her identity is of utmost importance. This allows her to hide and conceal her identity and removes any potential recognition her face may have in future encounters. It is even considered her signature look.
    2. Her Left Eye: Kataleya has a long, thin battlescar that extends just above her left eyebrow down towards her cheek. Although not scarred, it is visible enough that she hides it by parting her hair to cover her left eye. This was received during a battle with a demon lord and serves as a constant reminder of how fragile her life can be. It is also the beginning of how she trained for her magic.

    Personality: Kataleya is a woman of many faces. Crucial to her line of work, she is someone who can easily shift from personality to personality. In other words, she comports herself in a manner that varies from situation to situation. Meaning that the way she acts, let’s say, in her guild is very different from how she would act in a guild mission. For example, she would be aloof during her time in the guild while incredibly sharp and focused during the mission. Or, the way she would take a job for herself is very different to how she would when doing a mission her guild. This being that she would allow herself to run wild during her mission while following an order to the letter for her guild. In other words, she will not allow herself to step out of line when it comes to a command from her guild.

    Although it may seem normal to others, her changes are incredible dramatic so much so that it is not hard to take notice. As such, this makes her both deadly and unpredictable depending on the situation. After all, one never knows what she may be planning. She does, though, have a few main shifts based on the situations that occur in her everyday life. Therefore, if one were to pay close attention by studying and spending time with the assassin, they would begin understanding her a bit more and be able to somewhat decipher her next moves in advance. Otherwise, it is only up to Lady Luck to help a poor soul out.

    - Bloodthirsty: This young assassin is a woman who is completely serious about her job. She will let nothing get in her way and execute her orders to the letter. Thus, this attitude makes her merciless and unforgiving within various scenarios and situations. It is also what allows her to be good at her job as she will not even allow people she considers friends stand in her way. Even if this means that they become an enemy in turn. Therefore, it is unsurprising to say that once a battle and/or mission starts, Kataleya is a focused and sole huntress. Meaning, she will stalk her prey and wind them down just long enough so that she could deliver the killing blow. The only exception being if an employer makes changes to her orders. Then, and only then, will she change attitudes based on what was asked.

    No matter how messy or how cruel her mission depicts her to be, Kataleya focuses on the thrill of the hunt as well as in the beauty of her masterpieces dripping red. During these times, the assassin’s mind and soul seems to take a major shift. This primarily evident when there is much blood surrounding her.Only her satisfaction has seemed to tone this down and revert her to her normal self. Regardless, although many have asked her, she finds no problems killing and torturing, making her a fine asset to those that do not wish to get their hands dirty. Undoubtedly, this as made her both an enemy and a strong asset to several factions.

    - Emotions: As mentioned somewhere in this application, Kataleya is not entirely in-tune with her emotions. Having grown up where emotions were suppressed and undesirable, the young assassin never had the opportunity to fully explore them or even understand what they meant. Therefore, when she was sent out into the word due to her clan’s traditions, Kataleya had the opportunity to thinly tap into them. As such, this can be somewhat difficult for her to get used to. Two primary emotions she has no true understandings for would be when she is terrified and when in love.

    For example, when terrified, it being thunder or some other things, Kataleya will often go into a panic. Unfortunately, this panic tends to cloud her mind and, oftentimes, takes away the precious moments needed for what she needs to truly act. This can be seem, especially, when there is thunder involved. If and when she does get over her panic, it would, most likely, put a strain to her work and cause her to lose much focus on the job at hand. If she were to be surrounded by people, she would do her best to fumble over an excuse and flee the premises.

    In difference to this, when in love, Kataleya will fake uninterest as she attempts to push the feelings aside. As to why, it would most likely be due to the fact that does not know what they mean and doesn’t feel comfortable with how she feels. This causes her to appear cold towards the person that she cares for although she will attempt to become closer to them as well. Perhaps, the best way to describe her would be as a tsundere. True to the description, once the person she likes begins to allow her to become closer to them, she will seem to open up more and allow herself to explore these emotions.

    - The Assassin:Finally, Kataleya is a woman who has befriended and become one with the shadows. She prefers the cover of the darkness rather than the rising rays of the sun. Therefore, most of her activity will be focused once evening begins to take course. Seldom will you find her actively taking part in any raids during the days unless she is under a reconnaissance team. As per her fighting style, she enjoys to spar and will take it seriously. Difference to an actual fight is that she will not allow herself to become overpowered by bloodthirst. After all, she is simply practicing with an ally.

    During battle, though, Kataleya seeks blood. Rather than fighting within close proximity, though, she will opt to become a long distance fighter. Her short-range combat is possible disastrous why her long-range skills are a force to be reckoned with. This being a reason why she will find an opportunity to spar with an opponent. As such, she tends to stay in the sidelines during a fight rather than come out into the open. For her, her primary objective is to take the opponent by surprise and strike when the time is right.

    Under a leader, Kataleya will become loyal as they are her employer. Anything that the employer needs, she will do. During meetings, though, she will be one of few words lest there is anything for her to say. Even then, she says nothing and observes what all goes on. She prefers to take a more of a background role and not be as known as others wish to be. She is simply content with getting her job done and obtain satisfaction from the employer. If she were to take a leadership role, Kataleya would not go easy on someone. Especially since she knows that one wrong move in her line of work could result in automatic death. She will not ask for a position, though, but wait until she is asked to become or if her skills have elevated her to that role.

    1. Straightforwardness: Kataleya, without a shadow of a doubt, is a women who gets straight to the point. She can be incredibly blunt and doesn’t hold back punches. Therefore, she expects the same from others. It is also a quality in which she finds amusing in a person.
    2. The Splurge: Kataleya is a woman who appreciates the finer things in life and will often treat herself to a night out and/or a shopping spree. This is not to say that she is generous with others but simply to herself. A common thing to note is that she can be incredibly girly but hates when people take notice.
    3. Challenge: If there is one thing she has a strong appreciation for, it is the pursuit of knowledge and a very good challenge. This has allowed her to become more familiar with herself and others whilst competing for the ‘first place’ as well as understanding the way life works.

    1. The ‘Plastics’: As mentioned before, Kataleya is straightforward and sincere. As such, she hates it when people are not the same. What is moreso is that she finds it incredibly irritating when someone fakes kindness and/or fakes a friendship.
    2. Being left out: Much like others, Kataleya is not someone who appreciates being left out of something. Whether is be an outing with friends or simply not being told changes of a mission, she treats it as some sort of betrayal. Although she will not dramatize it, she does become upset (in an outing) if she especially feels close to someone or become irritable during a mission.
    3. Backing down: A woman with a lot of pride and a good knowledge base to know what she is doing, it can be especially hard for this young assassin to call it quits and perform a ‘tactical’ retreat when need be. Although she knows the importance of recognizing when defeat is approaching, she will have a hard time accepting that fact until she becomes aware of what needs to be done by her comrades.

    1. ”Just cause..”: Having grown up inside an assassin’s clan, she is used to this way of life and has no problems doing it. Therefore, this young assassin does what she does because she can. This mindset is allows her to have no qualms completing any kind of mission or allow her to have any regrets.
    2. Better Herself: This young assassin is always finding a way to better herself and her skills. This is moreso due to the traditions her clan has with their aspiring assassins. Therefore, in order to return home she is to become well known for her art and worthy of her name. It is also one of her biggest motivations and dominant within her mind.
    3. Blood: Although it is not evident outside of work, Kataleya is a bloodthirsty woman. This has morphed her into someone who will not hesitate to kill simply because the person she is contracted to ordered her to. She enjoys the sight of blood and has no problems torturing just to see her handiwork painted in red.

    1. Thunder: Although she is not afraid of rain itself, she is deathly afraid of thunder. Seldom going out into the rain and rarely going out during a storm, she is often found hidden within some sort of room to escape the sound. If she is ever caught outside, though, she is likely to become paralyzed with fear.
    2. Emotions: Due to her secluded childhood and chosen line of work, Kataleya has not had the time nor the freedom to express her emotions. This, unfortunately, has led her to become unfamiliar with them. Especially when she strongly feels them herself. Her most common reactions to this is to walk away or simply try to overcome it with empathy.
    3. Her Mask: Regardless of where she goes, Kataleya finds a way to cover the lower half of her face. It is not only for security purposes but also because she feels safer with it. Therefore, she fears the day where she may be defeated and her mask removed as it would cause her to become more vulnerable to the outside forces.

    Eyes: Orange-Yellow Mix; If there is anything that stands out, it is that her eyes are an unusual hypnotic merge of vibrant gold and fiery orange under certain conditions but transitions in between the two during different light settings.
    Hair: Icy Blue and White Mix; Kataleya is a woman with primarily white, platinum hair and icy blue streaks. As to why this is, no one really knows. It curves in a u-shape starting from her chest and down past her waist. Her style of hair varies from time to time but she prefers having it long and loose in a casual setting and in a ponytail during a mission.
    Height: 5ft 7in.
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Complexion: Cream; This assassin’s skin is of a beautiful cream color which contrasts beautifully with her bright orangey-yellow eyes and platinum blue hair. It is pale in comparison to most and oftentimes without blemish due to her extremely girly spa days.
    Overall Appearance:
    Kataleya is a person who appreciates herself and feels comfortable with her own body shape. Therefore, as something she is proud of, she is not afraid to show a bit of skin and/or don a more sensual type of attire. Primarily wearing more suited up clothing for missions out, she prefers the freedom as well as the protection of pants and looser clothing. During practice, she wears a more robe-like attire to move around more freely. As per heading out, she will wear whatever she feels like for the day. Still, there is one thing that never changes and those are the colors she prefers to wear -white, icy blue, and black. If anything, she never will be one to take off her mask and will protect it at all costs.

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