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    New Sections : Ninja Town Villages


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    New Sections : Ninja Town Villages Empty New Sections : Ninja Town Villages

    Post by Kaseki on Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:55 am

    New Sections : Ninja Town Villages MZW1b84
    Kirigakure, the former hidden Mist village, was destroyed long ago
    by a virus that plagued the land. They were known for their bloody
    tactics and their legendary blades. The later of which were taken to
    present day Yamigakure, during the absorption of other villages. The
    swords were rumored to be split between Suna and Yamigakure during their treaty.

    New Sections : Ninja Town Villages PiPVxVN
    A village built onto the side of a mountain. There is a waterfall that
    runs through the village. The people are peaceful, and from a land
    where the virus did not exist, all they know is peace. Why not come
    and visit and perhaps relax and enjoy the view!

    New Sections : Ninja Town Villages TNd4G7j
    The empty plaza of a forgotten village. Few people still try to live here,
    but the buildings are mostly decayed and decrepit. The smell of death
    and rot fill the air. Blood stains the ground. This village is nothing like it
    used to be.


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