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    Post by Virtue on Thu Sep 13, 2018 4:24 pm

    Name: Jessica
    Nickname: Virtue
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Birthday: January 30
    Sexuality: Demisexual
    Unique Characteristics: Virtue has one green highlight on her hair, and can always be seen wearing a skull bandanna and a green arm band.

    Personality: "Anything can be killed with enough bullets...Wait allow me to clarify....anything can be killed with enough well placed bullets"
    Virtue is a battle hardened young woman who has grown up knowing nothing but the scent of gunpowder and the weight of a M4A1 in her hands. She is a brilliant tactician in mind and kind soul at heart. Despite growing up in a post apocalyptic world, her family and friends allowed her to keep her humanity. Virtue has seen the product of human greed and vices, after witnessing the loss of many innocent lives, Virtue has developed a strong sense of morality. She isn't the type to preach and nag, Virtue understands that there is moral ambiguity in the world (with the exceptions of her sisters and children of course), however she won't just sit idle when innocent people are in danger. She has very strong older sister vibe; the desire to care, help, and teach which she inherited from her mother and father.

    In battle and in daily tasks, Virtue is organized tactical. Virtue is the type to come up with contingency plan for seven other contingency plans. She's the type who is willing to make the decision of sacrifice the few for the sake of many.... however in her heart Virtue remembers all the casualties and each life that would be lost brings a silent sorrow she hides from those around her. She can act easily with comrades and always does her best to act in a way that will best benefit the party. She often finds herself in leadership positions and when she does find herself in a moment where she needs to call the shots, Virtue is charismatic, efficient, tactical and compassionate for those under (though she would much rather not be in a position to lead). She is reserved and secretive until one has proven their worth and trust worthiness. If one does prove their worth only then will she reveal her true name. In the end of the day the sharp tongued sharpshooter is just a girl who wants to live a normal life with her loved ones.

    -Reading Books
    -Her sisters
    -Her father and Mother

    -Unnecessary Risks
    -Corrupted and stupid leaders
    -Conceited and self absorbed people
    -Being unarmed

    -Finding a way back home to her original world and family
    -To get stronger to protect her loved ones
    -To help those in need

    -Magic, she doesn't hate it but there is fear because it is a concept she doesn't understand
    -Being powerless
    -Virtue hates going into battle without a plan

    Eyes: Dark Emerald Green
    Hair: Dark Brown, Almost Black in some lighting
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 123 pounds
    Complexion: Pale

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    Post by Fetus on Thu Sep 13, 2018 5:04 pm

    Virtue 2czy2ys
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