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    the start of a queen's harem

    Samantha Blacklight
    Samantha Blacklight

    I'm Important Too! the start of a queen's harem  Empty

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    the start of a queen's harem  Empty the start of a queen's harem

    Post by Samantha Blacklight on Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:24 am

    Samantha Blacklight queen of the shadow walkers had just received word form a royal messenger that a group of women would be headed her way one by one over the next weak or so for what reason was unclear. There where only names on the list no other info or pictures to go with the names. What ever theses women wanted be it a fight or something else the queen was in no mood to back down. why they where coming at night also confused her. "why would anyone come here at night they are either very brave or very fool hearty to do so?

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