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    Wu Kailan


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    Post by JadePinkCat on Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:09 pm

    Name: Wu Kailan
    Nickname: Sea Goddess
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Birthday: February 10th
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Unique Characteristics: N/A

    Personality: On the surface level, Wu Kailan acts like how you would expect a noble person to act; she is reserved, formal and very prim and proper, and has an intense dislike for anything that doesn't shape up to those standards. The truth is however, she is mostly just interested in gaining traction and political clout to bring her own house up out of relative obscurity and into a powerhouse like the other royal houses. Everything she does goes towards that end, and being seen in any kind of negative light is something she absolutely cannot allow to happen. She has and will use people to that end, though she doesn't mean anything bad about it. She more often than not will arrive on the scene, do what needs to be done and attribute that to her and her household and if she needs allies she tries and goes for a plan that is mutually beneficial.

    She has a severe dislike for those who steal the spotlight from her, though those she calls friends might simply get a huff and mild aggravation out of her instead of a venomous hate-filled talking down to - in private, of course - provided they do not do anything harmful to her image or personal or family's well-being. In addition, she tends to go to bat for people who have had the spotlight stolen from them, though depending on the person she might just be trying to score points with them rather than out of any sort of camaraderie. Wu Kailan also tends to look down on the common man, not out of hatred or spite, but an honest belief that nobility is a God-given right to rule over a people. She doesn't hate them for it, but she was born in a better position and thus believes she, and others like her, are more fit to rule over the peasants.

    When not out grandstanding or trying to make her or her house more popular, she is actually quite friendly, though she still will try and make sure she is seen in as best a light as she possibly can. She realizes she may come off as...rather stuffy most of the time, and her downtime is the best time for people to notice that she can, in fact, relax when she wants to. Her motto is that she only becomes hostile to those who are hostile in turn, and thus remains polite as much as she possibly can- through her enemies and rivals get a bit of vitriol thrown their way.




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    Post by Fetus on Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:03 pm

    Wu Kailan 2czy2ys
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