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The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

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Unknown Lands

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    Gladius Naruto Roleplay Empty Gladius Naruto Roleplay

    Post by Toonami on Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:00 pm

      We are a Naruto RP community that just entered into its second year! We are active, fun-loving, and committed to helping you create meaningful stories set in the world of Naruto. We have recently added several new features to our systems and look forward to seeing you on the site! Here are some of the great things we have to offer:
    • A skill based progression system so that you can objectively track the abilities and path of your character as you move from Genin to Jounin.

    • A quest feature that allows you to seek out powerful and exciting techniques from the anime and manga.

    • An active and engaged staff willing to assist you with getting custom techniques and abilities approved

    • A dynamic storyline that is affected and changed by player actions ensuring that everyone has a chance to make their mark on site history.

    • An in depth and strategic Village Resource system designed to enhance the stakes during war and conquest.

    • A New Criminal Underworld System for those who seeking adventure and chaos as a Missing Ninja.

    • A New Living Expenses System and a brand new Civilian Class for those interested in creating the businessmen and political figures that exert influence and pressure in the shinobi world.

    Join us at Gladius and experience Naruto Roleplay as it was meant to be!

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