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    D Class Spells [Rainbow Magic]

    Zerina Zayne
    Zerina Zayne

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    D Class Spells [Rainbow Magic]  Empty D Class Spells [Rainbow Magic]

    Post by Zerina Zayne on Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:20 pm

    Name: Rainbow Bullet
    Rank: D Class
    Cost: 10
    Magic: Rainbow Magic
    Element: Water, Wind, & Light
    Description: User Points their finger at a single target. A rainbow shimmering bullet like magic forms and is shot at the target. The bullet travels at 5m/s and can go up to 10 meters away.

    + The bullet steals color away from the spot that was hit as well as a foot radius from that single point; leaving greys, blacks and whites in its place. If the bullet went through anything before hitting the target, such as cloths and the such, the color is stolen in the same fashion.

    + Easy to shape, easy to fire.

    + If the bullet hits a solid object that is not a cloth or fabric it will not go through. However, the color is still stolen.
    + Heavy armored foes take half the damage.
    + Is open for a Physical attack while the shot is being fired.

    Duration: NA
    Cooldown: 2 Posts


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