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    Light God Slayer Magic

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    Light God Slayer Magic Empty Light God Slayer Magic

    Post by Ruby Snow on Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:38 pm

    Light God Slayer Magic 2azL9nG

    Light God Slayer Magic R9bg1Sl

    Name: Light God Slayer
    Main Element: Light
    Sub Elements: Darkness, Wind, Chaos
    Usage: Conjuration
    Description: This Magic came from the Goddess of Light herself and has the powers of a God like being. It gives the slayer special Abilities which enable them to eat, use and heal from light and even illuminate the darkest of spaces. This Magic came to be in ancient times before Dragons and human beings. Back then there was only Gods and with them the powers to create anything they wished. As the Realms began the Goddess of light gave it a special gift of both healing and Light.

    As time raged on the gods and goddess's began to choose sides and fight against each other for the sake of control in the Realms. The Goddess of light and the other gods Decided they needed  representatives within the realms of their creation and so they taught beings about a certain type of magic that was said to be stronger than any other, This came to be known as God Slayer Magic. God slayers have the powers of the god who chose them; The Goddess of Light gifted a young Faery girl the powers in order to illuminate all darkness, to be a beacon of hope when the chaos began once more. The powers of a Light God slayer are enormous when at full strength;  when allies are feeling down the Light God Slayer gives them Hope, Heals their wounds and Even fights at the front lines. Over all the Light God Slayer is a symbol of Peace, Clarity, and Illumination.


    Name: Speed of Light
    Slot: Limited (Primary, light)
    Ability: Pure light spells travel at x1.5 of their declared speed

    Slot: Limited [light]
    Ability: pure light spells travel at x1.5 of their declared speed. (if used with Speed of Light, spells will travel x2, total.)

    Name: One-Way Ticket
    Slot: Limited (Secondary Chaos)
    Ability: User has a pocket world, however they cannot put items into this world. They may only pull items out of this world. This allows a user to hold onto several weapons at once, but once they take them out of their pocket world, they cannot put them back in until the thread is completed.
    Name: Parlor Trick
    Slot: Limited (Secondary Wind)
    Ability: use is able to passively fly/hover 5m off the ground. Speed is equal to user's level in m/s

    Name: Elemental Resistance
    Slot: Limited (Primary, Light)
    Ability: based on the user's primary element, they gain a resistance to the element they possess. Damage table is as follows:
    - 1 Class and below user : 50% Light Resistance
    - Equal Class of user : 50% Light Resistance
    - 1 Class and above user : 25% Light Resistance

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    Light God Slayer Magic Empty Re: Light God Slayer Magic

    Post by Kodai on Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:31 am



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