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    Holy Hearts Tavern Brawl [Open]

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    Holy Hearts Tavern Brawl [Open] Empty Holy Hearts Tavern Brawl [Open]

    Post by Ruby Snow on Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:44 pm

    "You threw that at me on purpose!" A green haired fellow shouted, gritting his teeth. The one who obviously threw the biscuit at the Green haired fellow smirked. "Oh? Why in the gods names would I do that?" He chugged his ale and wiped the remaining liquid from his whiskered face. Men and women from all over the bar witnessed the random biscuit be thrown from the direction of the bearded fellow. But sometimes things are not as they appear.. it wasn't as obvious as everyone had thought. From under the accused man's table Levitated a small child like being eating the same biscuits that were thrown.

    With crumbs on her face and half a biscuit in her mouth she watched as they continued to argue. The cheekiness of the accused was only making things worse; But they both were looking for a fight anyways. You see, The small child like being under the table had been watching. She witnessed both of them act like barbarians to the City folk outside the tavern and had a plan for both gangs to fight each other. But all that spying had made her hungry and so she decided to steal some biscuits from the bearded ones table and hide under the wooden structure. "..You are the only one eating Biscuits! You dirty bastard! My gang and I will need to teach you a lesson you wont soon forget!" Green hair grabbed his Scimitar from his belt and pointed the sharp, curved weapon at the bearded fool. In turn, the bearded gangster gripped his metal staff, preparing himself for a fight.


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