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    Heaven's Nodachi Style

    Azure Snow
    Azure Snow

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    Heaven's Nodachi Style Empty Heaven's Nodachi Style

    Post by Azure Snow on Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:50 pm

    Heaven's Nodachi Style T2s9mxf

    Heaven's Nodachi Style M5W7vxD

    Name: Heaven's Nodachi Style
    Main Element: Spirit
    Sub Elements: Steel, Light, Wind
    Usage: Item Usage
    This Heaven's Nodachi Style has been passed down from Generations of Demon Slayers. It Was the First Master of the style who used the power of the Soul's Light and sword skill to fight the legendary Silver Demon. After the Grand Battle with the demon the First Master Entrusted his Style and His Legendary Nodachi To Both his Daughter and Her Husband. The Master Soon disappeared with the third and most legendary sword, Never to be seen again. The Style was from then on passed down the line of the Snow Family. When someone is taught this style they start with a single sword and work their way up to three. When the user totally masters the Heaven's Style it is said they will be able to use the powers of the Cosmos to their advantage. The Masters of this Style have Divided it into Three Tiers. The First Tier the user is able to use their choice of One or Two Swords in the most basic way of the style. The Second Tier is all about Two sword style and connecting with the inner world of the soul to bring more light into the strikes. The Third and Final Tier is one that not many master; This Tier Focuses on The Three Sword Style and when one gets to this Tier they are known as 'Demon King Slayers'.

    The Interesting thing about this Style is that It can be used by Darker users as well. A few in the bloodline have been known to use Darkness instead of Light. The user of this Style is able to blind enemies for a short period of time when attacks are launched.

    Name: Power Scouter
    Slot: Limited (Primary, Spirit)
    Ability: Based on the user's level, in meters, they are able to detect anyone with Mana equal or less than their own. They are able to tell how far the target is, but not where they are. (Effect is like a bubble around the user.) Anyone who has a higher Mana value,
    is detected, but distance is not gauged.


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    Heaven's Nodachi Style Empty Re: Heaven's Nodachi Style

    Post by Kodai on Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:18 pm

    if this is an item based magic, you need the item approved, prior to approval of the magic.


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