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    Traveling to Fiore(Travel)


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    Traveling to Fiore(Travel) Empty Traveling to Fiore(Travel)

    Post by Hydro on Mon Nov 26, 2018 10:18 am

    Hydros harsh breath met the cool air of Toon town, he had just gotten off the ship that had brought him from the town of ninjas. HE had only just stepped off the boat and instantly had a feeling of hate towards the place. Although he had just stepped into a new area his pain from the past still stuck with him. He was an outcast especially in a place like this as his feet met the cobble stone path and he carried his body towards the town gates 'Tsk' Hydro spat looking around as he walked out of the gates. The guards looked as if they wanted to say something, or quiet possibly stop him, however Hydro gave them a clear glare that managed to make them hold their tongue as his heavy steps kept moving. A few meters down the road the seemed to be a large barn with white picket fencing around the area that held Horses in. Without hesitating Hydro hopped the fence slowly entering the barn as he found a pure white horse within the stables and a smirk overcame his lips.

    "Hey there" He whispered as his hand ran down the mane of the horse as Hydro lifted his body sitting on the back of the horse as he stood still 'Hmm... How do I get you to move?' Hydro thought holding onto the mane of the beast as he brought his right hand back "Hopefully this works" he muttered as his hand slapped the beasts butt and like a flash the horse began to run at top speeds. It took everything Hydro had to cling to the large neck of the horse. It took about an hour or two before the horse finally settled as a large stone wall stood in front of Hydro as he let himself off the horse and stared at the guard "Oi where did I end up bud?" Hydro asked as the guard looked at him confused "Well this is the kingdom of Fiore obviously" the Guard shot back with a snide remark as Hydro slowly paced towards the gate and got a glare from the guards "Hey I lost my passport on the way over here, but I hope that wont be a problem for me right?" Hydro ask (B rank intelligence) as he slowly entered the gates "Of course I'm an important person so I'll make sure to give a recommendation to your captain after all" Hydro said with a smirk as he snuck by the guards and into the fabulous city of Fiore.

    (Wc 428 moving to Fiore without a passport)

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