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    kasekimas Day 21


    I'm Important Too! kasekimas Day 21 Empty

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    kasekimas Day 21 Empty kasekimas Day 21

    Post by Kodai on Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:01 am

    kasekimas Day 21 Coolte10
    It's only the first week, make it count.

    It's that event that everyone gets free crap!

    Kasekimas is a celebration both OOC and IC. As the days progress,
    new prices will appear. Some events will in on-site in-character but
    most will be in the news section. Traditionally, every day is a new
    event so be sure to be on every day!

    @PhoenixRises101 : 119 GP [Kasekimas Dice](x4)
    @Eiyū : 25 GP
    @Skylar : 6 GP
    @Mei : 552 GP [Chatbox Icon]
    @Shane : 54 GP
    @Ruby Snow : 149 GP [Kasekimas Dice](x4)
    @Randous : 557 GP [Kasekimas Dice](x1)
    @Leo Tazrash : 129 GP

    Gift Point Shop:

    1 Gift Point : 1 Lacrima Shard
    5 Gift Points : 50,000 Coins
    10 Gift Points : Lineage Dice x1
    15 Gift Points : Lineage Dice x2
    25 Gift Points : Magikarp VIP
    40 Gift Points : Kasekimas Dice x1
    50 Gift Points : Magikarp VIP
    75 Gift Points : Sakura VIP
    125 Gift Points : Sakura VIP x2
    150 Gift Points : Krillin VIP
    200 Gift Points : Half Sharingan
    350 Gift Points : Sharingan

    Note : You make as many exchanges as you would like. Prices are subject to change at random

    All users may roll x1 Normal Dice, their GP increases by face value. If the user tags 3 users who are not already participating, or haven't been tagged already, you may roll x5 instead. (tagging someone already tagged, or listed, will void your reward.)

    Once per day, you may claim x1 Gift early at the cost of 10 GP. You will void your daily reward by doing so.

    When you post your roll, tag the account that you want to
    give the points to. (ie: Tag your main)

    You MAY NOT use alternate accounts

    You MAY NOT use NPC accounts.

    Trying to cheat this system may result in a loss of funds

    You MAY NOT use deceased accounts.

    If you do not have a Gift Point total, roll x1 Normal Dice, this is your starting total.


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    Ruby Snow
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    kasekimas Day 21 Empty Re: kasekimas Day 21

    Post by Ruby Snow on Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:07 pm

    Spending 10 GP to roll one of my Kase Dice.


    kasekimas Day 21 7t6vuwV

    kasekimas Day 21 W9jIKHGkasekimas Day 21 FkAAOHdkasekimas Day 21 W9jIKHGkasekimas Day 21 BQuhJBFkasekimas Day 21 W9jIKHGkasekimas Day 21 QlUxEYekasekimas Day 21 W9jIKHG
    kasekimas Day 21 W9jIKHGkasekimas Day 21 4qFPkdskasekimas Day 21 W9jIKHGkasekimas Day 21 JNd3CuYkasekimas Day 21 W9jIKHG

    I'm Important Too! I'm Important Too! I'm Important Too! kasekimas Day 21 Empty
    You must have rolled a lot of dice...

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    kasekimas Day 21 Empty Re: kasekimas Day 21

    Post by NPC on Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:07 pm

    The member 'Ruby Snow' has done the following action : Dices roll

    'Kasekimas Dice' :
    kasekimas Day 21 Coolte10
    Result :
    kasekimas Day 21 OmqosJg

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    kasekimas Day 21 Empty Re: kasekimas Day 21

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