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Unknown Lands

Welcome to the world of Unknown Lands Roleplay Forum!

If you have questions you can create an account and post on our questions section or join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/jupj2Zh) If you have any questions on lore and our systems, please don't hesitate to ask us.

The Unknown Lands of Pandora is regarded as a "Multiverse" forum or a "Free Forum" meaning that we are not based on a single series, but rather multiple with our own custom systems. Each "Kingdom" of Pandora is another anime/cartoon series with other various sub series that make up the entire land.

We can't wait to meet you!

Unknown Lands

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    Post by Skarlet Tue May 28, 2019 4:25 pm

    ”The Huntress:

    Name Maria Zaroff
    Nickname Skarlet
    Gender Female
    Race Human [Spirit-Borne]
    Age Assumed 16
    Birthday Sept. 21th
    Sexuality Straight
    1. Red Eyes: Due to her connection with becoming a Spirit-Borne, Maria’s eyes have been tainted red to mark her as such when agitated or under a lot of frustration. This color simply mixes into her original crystal-like ones to create the illusion that they are glowing.
    2. Skull Tattoo: Having gained permission from her father to attend school on the mainland, Maria’s first action was to tattoo a skull on her wrist. This tattoo was later used as a representation of Death that pursued the Huntress throughout the eons.

    Maria Zaroff is a bright young woman with an all too loving heart. Her crystal blue eyes almost always seem to be shimmering to the brink with the light of hope and twinkling of mischief. Needless to say, that she is quite the happy camper and always ready to go on a new adventure with friends. She loves her family deeply, despite the happenstances in which she lives in. Maria is also a woman who believes that everyone has the right to be happy and will stand up against those that believe otherwise. Her belief in this is so strong that she strives to view the world as happy and carefree. All this, despite having to endure the abuses she receives at home with a smile. After all, she has the hope that one day she will be free. That said, she is a lively soul with an eye for the optimistic and spirit of fun. If it’s a place to unwind and enjoy themselves, it is more than likely that she will be there, too. After all, Maria is always looking for a way to happily enjoy herself and live in the moment.

    Maria is a girl who doesn’t want to have regrets and so hopes that every day of her life would be used to its fullest. This means that if she wants to do something, then she will do it so that, if anything happens, at least she did it and enjoyed herself. For, at the start of a young age, Maria was forced to grow up and fend for herself. Furthermore, despite being from a wealthy and influential family, the young aristocrat is without a hint of hate nor need to suppress others around her. In fact, she is someone who disapproves such behaviors and prefers to approach things in a whole new way. Maria is someone who aspires to do great things for the benefit of society and for those around her, despite their backgrounds. After all, it is in her belief that the world was created for everyone to be at peace. And, with the right push, things could get better and the world could finally see peace. Or, this would have been the life that the young Huntress could have led if not for the death of her father -the great General Zaroff, Master of the Forgotten Isles.

    In truth, prior to the General's death, Maria was a tortured soul who endured abuse from the one who was supposed to love her and care for her. Left without a mother, Maria grew up alone under the watchful eye of Ivan, her father's lapdog. This led to Maria feeling trapped and unable to find an escape. Yet, the young huntress had tried her best to live the most normal life she could until, one day, her father took things too far. On the day that Maria died, her father had drunk more than usual and his rage had flared up. So, when he took it out on Maria, he went overboard and ended up murdering his own daughter. Although she was later revived, part of Maria’s soul broke off and ended up staying in the land of Pandora -her mother’s kingdom. As such, the young girl mentioned above lived on while the one who grew up with the General led a life quite different. In fact, the one who remained with the General grew parallel to that of the one in Pandora despite being one and the same.

    While the portion of herself lived in Pandora, Maria’s remaining soul grew up living a life of hatred and ire. In fact, her manner of being can be made out to be quite that of an assassin, although her occupation is only known to a select few. In fact, she is a woman whose sole purpose is to hunt, oppress, and rule. As to how, only those of the Forgotten Isles (as well as her family) may know hints of her everyday occurrences through gossip and rumors. Yet, as to the extent of the rumors, no one truly knows where the truth ends and where the rumors begins. This is what makes it so difficult to read and get to know the young Assassin which, in turn, increases her reputation and adds all the more fear into her name. To put it simply, Maria is an enigma of and in itself. No one knows of her true intents, nor are they mostly one to care to find out as she radiates an aura of death and dangerous intent. This, in the end, is the life that Maria prefers as it allows her to keep to herself and cut ties with anyone at any time.

    If one thing is to be remembered from her, though, is that Maria has an eloquent manner of speaking. It can be seen as quite formal and fluid, but the elegance of it highlights who she is as a person. After all, this young assassin was born into an aristocratic family; Having to learn the ways of politics, seduction, and manipulation at a very young age. This has given Maria an advantage in her day to day life as it allows her to blend in to her surroundings as well as helps her remarkably when completing a job. As such, this increases her expertise and adds upon the vast knowledge that she has accumulated over the centuries. Not to mention, Maria has been around those of nobility, thus increasing her networks in order to gain more work and, with it, recognition. Her manner of dressing, too, has its own unique sense as well as she is all the much more knowledgeable about each brand to what is appropriate within each of the surroundings she is presented with.

    In the heat of battle, Maria is a woman who will do anything to win. As a trained assassin, she will never reveal her secrets as is the trade of her game, but will take it upon herself to train new elites if a person ever catches her eyes. Unfortunately though, it is sad to say, but try as they might, this young apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. She follows in her Father’s footsteps, ridding herself of her humanity in order to reach her goals. This is clearly shown in battle for you will not hesitate to take a life. That is what she was forged into (a weapon of mass destruction) and that is what she has aspired to become. She will, though, prefer a covert operation type of scenario upon the battlefield as she is a skilled sharpshooter and excellent marksmanship. This makes her an excellent addition to any team as she is topped ranked in most everything she does.

    Yet, although the art of hunting and assassination is her forte, Maria can be quite clumsy and clueless when it comes to just simple interactions with people. She is rather cold and cunning, but, in the right timing and atmosphere, she can appear docile and gentle. This, though, angers the young assassin as she has treated herself as if she were a machine, never looking upon herself as an average woman. Therefore, in matters of love and friendship, Maria shuns it as she has been hurt too many times in the past. She no longer believes in it, but she will enjoy reading a novel or two concerning it. If anything, in her personal life, Maria seems lost, but she will never show it as she won’t allow herself to show weakness. Yet, regardless of what may be, with the right people and in the right scenario, she may open up bit by bit, but, in fair warning, if she is ever double crossed, she will not hesitate to pull the trigger and end a life. Even if they were family or friends. After all, betrayal is something she will never tolerate. Even if done with a fair reason behind it.

    1. Learning: Despite having an eidetic memory, Maria is always eager to get her hands on something new and learn more from it. As such, her home houses thousands of books, some of which coincidentally belonged to her mother Kaseki.
    2. Hunting: Maria has a passion for hunting and heading out on scavenger hunts. Yet, unlike her father, she only permits herself to follow her mantra of, “only kill what you will use.”
    3. Shipwreck Island: Despite what the Island represents, Maria does have a love for it. She will often escape into the wilderness in order to relax and break away from her cursed everyday life.

    1. Ivan: Maria seems to have a strong dislike towards her bodyguard that it would very much seem like she hates him. Her annoyance with his is quite grand although that does not deter her father from placing him as her guard.
    2. Opposition: As a leader and daughter to a Czar, Maria was taught to hold authority over anything and everything. As such, when being confronted or being questioned, the Huntress will exert her authority over them to keep control.
    3. Uninvited Visitors: Maria is someone who likes to maintain proper etiquette. As such, she likes having things in proper order and calculated until the last second.

    1. General Zaroff: To become better than her father in everything and anything is the goal of the Huntress. Her desire to elevate herself above the rage that the General felt and had taken out on her is what keeps her moving forward.
    2. Exploring/Traveling: As someone who has never been touring before, Maria is eager to go out into the world and explore. She wants to see things that the General would never allow her to go to and experience something entirely new.
    3. Legacy: Although she will never admit it, Maria wants to be accepted. She wants to feel appreciated and that her life does have value. Therefore, her motivation is to leave behind a legacy so that her name will live on forever.

    1. General Zaroff: She not only uses her Father as a motivation to get better and stronger, but uses him as a fuel based on her hatred towards him. In other words, she fears him -living through the nightmares he created upon her. This fear, though, drives her hate and, although she will never admit it, haunts her wherever she goes.
    2. Confinement: Maria’s life of abuse living with the General created a psychological trauma on her. Therefore, confinement is something that Maria cannot bear to experience of going through it again.
    3.  Thunder: Despite not knowing the reason why, Maria has a fear of thunder. Perhaps it stems from her father’s activity during thunderstorms but it isn’t certain and the huntress will never say.

    Hair Platinum Blonde; The Huntress’s hair is a platinum blonde which cascades down past her shoulder and rests just below her waist. Almost as if water were reflective of her, Maria’s hair washes down her back in a wavy style which highlights and accentuates her natural features.  
    Eyes Crystal Blue; Maria’s eyes are the color of clear crystal, almost as if a translucent orb was staring straight at you. They are laced with silver and contain a misty sense to them, giving them a surreal feel to them. They glow bright red when agitated.
    Height 5ft. 4in.
    Weight 110 lbs.
    Skin Tone The color of a pale rosy peach, Maria's skin tone is smooth and soft as a baby's bum. She takes great care of her skin, earning a healthy glow to it due to her constant care and careful watch over it.
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    Post by Nameless Mon Jun 17, 2019 10:14 am

    Skarlet Ruqy35
    One of few apps I read thoroughly. Though you say "The Huntress" in places where I think
    Skarlet should have been mentioned... Approved.
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