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    Alexei Sarona

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    Alexei Sarona Empty Alexei Sarona

    Post by Chaostothemax on Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:04 pm

    Name: Alexei Sarona
    Nickname: God of Chaos and Freedom, Hand of Judgement
    Gender: Male
    Race: Ascended Human (similar to an angel)
    Age: 21, although he has memories going back far past then
    Birthday: July 17th
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Unique Characteristics: Bright purple eyes that glow slightly, a body that can change weight at will

    Personality: The best way to describe Alexei Sarona is unstable. His mood can change violently from one moment to the next; one second he’ll be talking quietly with a citizen, and the next moment the citizen’s head will be resting in his hand as he cackles madly. The exact moment of Alexei’s descent into this instability is clear: The moment he turned his back on his own God, Rakoto, and devoured him and his power whole. The pantheon of Gods and Goddesses requires that there be a constant number of seats, however, so Alexei was forcibly ascended into the realms beyond mortal understanding, coming back changed in both mind and body.

    Alexei is fiercely bipolar in his relationships; he either likes you or hates you, with almost nothing in between. He generally enjoys the company of other people on the Chaotic side of the spectrum, and hates those that are Lawful with a vengeance; there is at least one exception to both sides, however. In general, Alexei will do whatever amuses him the most; with the only one he had ties to dead for two years, he has no qualms with any activities. The only thing he would never do is imprison somebody or otherwise rob them of their freedom; he is a fierce believer in anarchy and individualism, and the idea that everybody should have the ability to do as they please. In fact, this is his ultimate goal: To free the world from the shackles of society and allow them to do whatever they please, be it good or bad.

    Alexei generally takes his mercurial personality into combat with him, making him a horrendously hard opponent to fight; it’s impossible to tell what his next move is, since he never makes the same one twice. He’s an awful follower, as he would never listen to anybody giving him orders, but he makes a decent leader; he’s ferociously intelligent, and is an expert at in-battle analysis. Overall, he’s a fierce opponent to battle against, and not one to take lightly.

    -Freedom. Alexei loves being able to do as he pleases, and enjoys when others have the same privileges.
    -Chaos. Alexei does best when everything around him is in complete disarray; he often goes out of his way to achieve this state as well.
    -Pandora. Despite disliking the creators and most citizens of Pandora, Alexei is in fact extremely fond of the world itself; he finds it’s patchwork nature and multiversal nature fascinating.

    -Kaseki. Having met and battled Kaseki in the past, Alexei finds himself diametrically opposed to the tree spirit’s goals in Pandora; Kaseki wants to protect the inhabitants, while Alexei wants to cause chaos and havoc.
    -The Pantheon. Alexei hates the Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses that he finds himself bound to; he despises how it restricts him, and he does not get along with most of the Gods.
    -Restricted Freedom. Alexei hates seeing others bound by things either physically or mentally; as such, he is violently against any form of slavery or contracts.

    -’Liberating’ Pandora. Alexei sees the patchwork societies of Pandora as restricting their access to the entire worlds of cultures and information around them; as such, he seeks to dissolve said societies and have Pandora as a single society.
    -Defeating Kaseki. Alexei sees Kaseki as an obstacle to his previous goal of liberating Pandora, and as such seeks to defeat him and move him out of the way. He also seeks to defeat him because of old rivalries, despite them being somewhat one-sided.
    -Breaking out of the Pantheon. Despite the extra resources the Pantheon gives Alexei, he seeks to break free of his position as the God of chaos and freedom in order to be truly free.

    -Slavery. Alexei despises being restrained and tied up with anything; he sees slavery as the worst kind of it, and fears being made into a slave.
    -His Past. Alexei’s past is one of terror and false hope; he rejects it as much as he can, for fear of it overwhelming him.
    -Eternal enslavement. Alexei is currently immortal as a result of being a member of the Pantheon; he fears living forever in the state of being bound to said Pantheon.

    Eyes: Purple; they glow faintly.
    Hair: White and long.
    Height: 6’2
    Weight: Alexei can manipulate his weight using the forces of chaos without changing his skeletal figure. His standard weight is 125 pounds; he can go up to 275 pounds in either direction, although he obviously can't go into negative weight. He can only do this once per post.
    Complexion: Pale, almost pasty white.

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    Post by Kaseki on Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:14 pm

    Fun stuff.

    I'll destroy you~



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