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Unknown Lands

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    Post by Toriel on Sat Apr 25, 2020 1:06 pm

    Name: ReQuip: Dremurr Armory
    Main Element: Life
    Sub Elements: Metal, Light
    Usage: Conjuration
    Description: ExQuip magic focuses on the creation of magical weapons and armor that are stored away in a pocket dimension. The user is able to channel this pocket dimension at will and call upon the different weapons and armors stored there and use them for their will. There is a limit to how much a user can store in the dimension depending on their power. Once weapons and armor of the Dremurr Armory are destroyed, they are sent back to the pocket dimension where they are magically repaired- longer durations of repair depending on the damage.

    The Dremurr Armory is a special kind of ReQuip magic created by the current Dremurr matriarch Toriel with the intention to be taught and passed down to future generations of Dremurr. Each weapon is a manifestation of the user's will, and thus grows stronger as they do. As the creator, Toriel chose to infuse each of her weapons not only with her will, but with the essence of preservation and benevolence, granting them holy/light based blessings and energy from the positive energy of the universe. While the weapon may have slight alterations depending on the user, each one retains a generic use or appearance (spear, greatsword, bow, etc.).
    Name: I need a Medic!
    Slot: Primary Bonus (Free)
    Ability: User passively regens 5% per post. This occurs at the start of their post.

    Name: Justice
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: All attacks deal extra damage based on the user's class.
    ● F : 0%
    ● D : 3%
    ● C : 5%
    ● B : 10%
    ● A : 25%
    ● S : 35%
    ● H : 40%
    ● X+ : 50%

    Name: Vigor
    Slot: Limited (Primary)
    Ability: The user passively regains health depending on the user's class.
    - F-Class : 3% HP
    - D-Class : 5% HP
    - C-Class : 7% HP
    - B-Class : 10% HP
    - A-Class : 15% HP
    - S-Class : 17% HP
    - H-Class : 20% HP
    - X-Class : 25% HP
    - ?-Class : 35% HP

    Name: Perseverance
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: All weapons/armor summoned by ReQuip, once summoned, last until they are either put away or destroyed.

    Name: Humility
    Slot: Limited
    Ability: Attacks dealt by weapons also deal damage to the target's mana as well! 50% of the damage inflicted is dealt as mana damage and reduces their mana by such.


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