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    Ruby Snow

    Ruby Snow
    Ruby Snow
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    Post by Ruby Snow on Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:38 pm

    Ruby Snow

    Ruby Snow 2gxmbn8

    Name: Ruby Snow
    Nickname:  "Faery Dust"
    Gender:  Female
    Race:  Faery
    Age:  22
    Birthday:  11/11
    Sexuality:  Lesbian
    Unique Characteristics:  
    -She has a Scar on her belly from a Samurai slash.
    -She also Tattoo On her Left hand That is in a Azure Color which resembles her Family's Clan.
    -Ruby has Faery Wings that appear and Disappear in Sparkling Dust Which give her the ability to fly at will up to 30 meters in the air because she is a Faery.

    Snow Clan Tatoo:

    Ruby Snow 2rhwt2e

    Personality: Ruby Is a wonderful, cheerful and Hopeful Faery who loves to be around Humans and other different Kind of beings. While in her Home Realm she is the most Active, Friendly, and Curious Faery around but when in different realms she will hide under a cloak and be careful not to make a big scene. In a local Tavern however, if she drinks more than two glasses of her favorite Liquor, "liquid Gold" she will party and have a good time regardless of what realm she is in.

    In Combat Ruby is still cheerful and doesn't really change as much, However, she is Fierce, Strong and Protective of her allies. She will not leave anyone she cares about behind and when they get injured she will tend to their wounds as soon as possible. Rubys outlook on fighting is that it must happen sometimes and when it does one should be fully and totally prepared to kill someone.

    Being a healer, Ruby enjoys to tend to any wounded when on a battle field regardless of the side but she is known to be very tricky to enemies; She will cloak herself and pretend to be an old woman. While Tending to the Enemies wounds she will often slip them poison to numb their body for a little while so they cant join in the fight once more. Of course, its all fun and games with Ruby Snow.

    Ruby also likes to show off the body the the Goddess gave her. She likes to flaunt her body around in sexy ways but the thing is, She doesn't really have a Body to flaunt and so she often looks like a fool while showing off. Traveling with Friends is her favorite thing to do and when traveling she will float really close by one close companion.

    -Loves to Eat Ramen
    -Loves Swords
    -Faery and Elven Races
    -Strawberries are her favorite

    -Dark Wizards
    -Mean People


    -To become the Most known Faery In all the Realms
    -To gain one of the greatest Magical Weapons.
    -To Find a Comrade to Travel with to all the Realms in existence.


    -Hates Samurai and Fears Their Katana.
    -Penguins Frighten her...The Way they Waddle.. Ugh!
    -She Fears Evil Queens and Kings Ruling over her.

    Eyes:  Green
    Hair:  Blonde
    Height:  4'8
    Weight:  105LB
    Complexion:  Fair Skin, White.

    Level:  1
    Class:  F

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    Post by SolarFlare on Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:23 pm

    Looks good and ready to be approved~
    Ruby Snow ONdmwRD

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